Revna Studio


with Predictive Monitor

November 2022

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We had the privilege of working closely with Scaler Marketing’s team to create a 3D animation for the Predictive Monitor website.

Predictive Monitor is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, offering a comprehensive monitoring system tailored to safeguard pharmaceutical products.

Our task was to develop a new website design with a clear narrative that succinctly explains what Predictive Monitor does. This included showcasing their innovative products and their ability to predict and prevent issues before they occur. Additionally, we introduced their user-friendly online monitoring platform and dashboard, highlighting the value of their connected database, which not only serves their needs but also supports improvements in other databases.

Our creative challenge was to seamlessly blend these elements into a captivating animation that guides the audience through the process step by step. Our goal was to both engage and educate viewers, ensuring they gain a deep understanding of Predictive Monitor’s significant contributions to the pharmaceutical industry.